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Exercising the use of managed IT services benefits your business by increasing productivity, optimizing efficiency, and creating an easier way to achieve your business goals and plan for the future.

Increase productivity with help desk services. Your employees shouldn’t be
using their valuable time trying to diagnose a PC bug, troubleshooting a printer issue, or figuring out why they can’t access a network shared folder.  Subscribing to help desk services allows your employees to focus on their business-related tasks and eliminates the constant worry of unforeseen technical issues.

Easily achieve your business goals by letting us manage your network infrastructure. Planning for growth, restructuring, and even moving offices can quickly consume all of your resources. By utilizing a managed IT services company to handle your network infrastructure and provide CIO services, your business will achieve peace of mind, allowing you to focus on making decisions that achieve your business goals.

Optimize efficiency by implementing software solutions. A couple of areas that businesses struggle with are redundant tasks and reporting.  Software solutions allow your business to automate those redundant tasks and generate reports with button-clicks.  Our software experts can quickly pinpoint areas in your business that can benefit from a software solution, and manage all aspects of implementation.

CIO as a Service – When your company needs a go-to person for everything technology-related.  The benefit of CIO as a Service is value without the cost of a full time employee.  You have someone that can make IT-related business decisions, supported by a team of experts that can efficiently deliver solutions. We are here all the time, but you only pay when you need us.

Hardware – When your company needs support for network hardware, printers, computers, and phones.  The benefit of having a team of experts supporting your network infrastructure is reliability. Our team can monitor your systems to make sure everything is working properly all the time. Let us manage your network infrastructure so you can manage your business.

Software – When your business processes are hindering your ability to grow.  The benefit of implementing software is efficiency. Automating redundant tasks, reducing data-entry, aggregating data, and reporting are just a few items that software solutions can provide.  Our software experts have many years’ experience in providing solutions that allow our client’s businesses to grow while increasing the margin between revenue and overhead.

Help Desk – When you need support 24×7. The benefit of help desk services is that we are always here. When your computer crashes or a printer goes offline or your can’t access your network shared disks, you have a team of technicians to call that can quickly solve your problems.

About Net Inc

Based in Irving, TX, Net Inc’s IT tech support service provides small and medium businesses around the Dallas Fort Worth area with a comprehensive solution that enables business owners to concentrate more on growing their business and worrying less about IT.

NetInc is an IT consulting and support company that does 24/7 IT tech support, network infrastructure design and deployment, software consulting and development, and everything in-between. Net Inc is a team of unashamed tech-geeks who use common English terminology, who understand business principles, and are passionate about the relationships we have with our clients.


Net Inc

Fanatical Technology Management
We provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are giving our best to satisfy our precious customers.

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