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Today as a business leader you are bombarded with offers and solicitations from prospective technology vendors. Many times that means making decisions in a vacuum without the benefit of expertise and experience. Net Inc will work with your leadership team to develop a technology strategy that helps your company meet or exceed its goals. In addition, we can complement your existing IT staff by bringing broad industry experience to your organization for a fraction of the cost of a full time CIO, Director, Manager of an IT department.

We work side by side with your IT department to help everyone understand what needs to be accomplished, why, and in what order to maximize success. We help execute your technology roadmap and match appropriate skills with current staff to achieve business goals and identify any skill gaps. We help you make smart decisions based on current, real time information. 

A single point of contact and a person solely responsible for designing an information technology strategy and the infrastructure and applications that will meet your business goals. The IT strategy and roadmap will closely align with your business needs and drivers and allow your business to be competitive and productive.

Net Inc brings years of experience and a wealth of information to your organization. Whether it is determining the best infrastructure strategy, educating you on how to utilize social media to grow business, or explaining how cloud computing may be right for you.

Working closely with both the business side of your business and the technology side, we ensure that the business drivers and needs are being met by your current and future technology strategy. We translate business speak into technology terms and explain technology solutions in layman’s terms. We ensure both the business and technology teams understand goals, technology, and business drivers.

Net Inc will help align IT spending with business objectives. By measuring IT expenses against budgets and defining ROI (Return on Investment) baselines, we will help your business decide which technology projects, services, or applications best meet your needs.

With Net Inc you get an expert team capable of providing a broader spectrum of experience across many technologies – eliminating the need for you to support a staff trained in multiple disciplines.

Information is moving faster than your business. We can help change that! Contact us to get started.


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