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Moving a company is an enormous endeavor and let’s face it…downright stressfull.  All those sensitive deadlines.  The pressure of each decision can be overwhelming. Relocations take extensive advance planning and work, but also provide a terrific opportunity to upgrade core components.  This is a great time to address your technology needs as it is more cost effective to do this during the move process. Moving to a new location gives you the chance to update your infrastructure, retire legacy hardware, and make changes you always wanted to.

Since 1989, Net Inc has been utilizing a proven process and methodology for technology relocation services. Our experienced technicians move your technical equipment and quickly get it back up and operational to minimize downtime and reduce the impact of your move.  Our office relocation services include:

  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Initial Planning & Process Design
  • Secure data integrity and reliability
  • A controlled and graceful shutdown
  • Coordinated disconnect and reconnect.
  • Zero or limited interruptions.
  • Data reliability and continuity of operations
  • Complete data backup and validation using client-provided backup systems.
  • Application integrity.
  • Effective network refresh service.


  • Timely and damage free transport of equipment
  • Desktop/Workstation 
  • Disconnect/Packing 
  • Automated IT Asset Mapping & Discovery 
  • Asset Tagging & Inventory Preparation 
  • Process Management 
  • Staff Coordination 
  • Reconnection & Systems Testing 
  • Provision of all necessary training & documentation

Why take any unnecessary chances with your vital systems and equipment? Contact us today for a quote.

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