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These are a few of our wonderful current clients that we enjoy serving.

Net Inc has been a partner since 2005. They have been responsive to our requests; communicating their responses in non-technical English. They present several options not only with costs and related time requirements, both also with corporate ramifications. On an ongoing basis they are regularly onsite, to oversee our equipment and other resources. Their onsite visibility provides a sense of security knowing that they are here to assist us, even with the minor everyday questions that arise. 

Jim Rumczikas, Director of Finance and Administration

Jet Solutions LLC

The Net Inc team performed a review of our small office and made recommendations. We were definitely in need of upgrades/replacements in software and hardware. I deferred 100% to Net Inc’s recommendations. Subsequent to our initial meeting, I have continued to defer 100% to their recommendations/suggestions.

During the course of our relationship, Net Inc has assisted in the following specific areas:

  1. Initial upgrade/replacement of software/hardware.
  2. Continued upgrades/replacements. All employees have a Net Inc sourced computer.
  3. Replaced old server with a solution that has provided significantly more capability than what we had.
  4. Moved our backup to a cloud solution.
  5. Replaced our phone system.
  6. Continue IT support.

We rely on Net Inc for 100% of our IT needs They are responsive and find a solution for every need. We have been pleased with the costs related to their support. Net Inc has been very effective while also being efficient.

My support of Net Inc can best be demonstrated with the fact that I referred them to a client.  My client could not have been more pleased with my referral.

Please accept this as the highest of recommendation for Net Inc. They are a valued partner.

Eddie Colvin, President

Colvin Resources Group

Net Inc has been the arms and legs of our IT team in North America since 2010.  They supported the launch of our first US Call Center and when our operations expanded, they were there to support expansion into new regions of the country as well. We have had better IT know how, better help desk coverage and a much better long term strategic plan through our partnership with Net Inc than if we had retained the function in house.

Staci Tubbs, Chief Executive Officer

Stellar North America

I am pleased to recommend to you the services provided by the Net Inc Group. They truly provide us with 24 hour client service. If you’re looking for a professional team that works like a team, look no further! Their prices are fair and competitive; be it setting up a new infrastructure to maintaining an aging one, these guys are top notch. The services given by the Net Inc Group have been excellent, serving our account from 2002 until date. I strongly recommend the Net Inc Group as your new provider for a smooth and reliable network.

Doug Gradick, President of the G.P.



Net Inc

Fanatical Technology Management
We provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are giving our best to satisfy our precious customers.

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