There is a lot of buzz around virtualization and until recently, it wasn’t an option for the small and medium sized business environments. As virtualization gains popularity within the industry, we’re delivering virtual desktops and applications in a more simplified and cost-effective manner than ever before.

Net Inc can partner with your business for:

Virtualization Assessment
Virtualization Technology Advising
Storage Virtualization
Virtualization Deployment
Capacity Planning & Physical to Virtual Conversion Services
Virtual Migration Team

Virtualization services and consulting from Net Inc can get you the best virtualization implementation for your environment—and help you find and correct major system errors that could be costing you efficiency and money.


We work with VMware V-Sphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization and Citrix XenServer. We help match the right technology with your business by considering business requirements, budget, and current technology for your server virtualization project.

Time to clean out that server room and stop spending extra dollars on infrastructure. Contact us to get started.


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