Virtual Desktops

All your applications & data in the cloud, all in one place.

No on-site servers
Simplify IT completely. All your applications are fully managed and hosted in our data centers, delivered remotely.
One password for everything
Single sign on. Login to a company-branded dashboard with secure access to all your web & hosted applications.
Compliance built in
Peace of mind. Enterprise class security systems, proven in highly regulated financial and healthcare industries.
Work anywhere
Total mobility. Access all your files and apps from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Company permission required.

As the enterprise environment grows more complex, IT needs new ways to manage desktops to ensure a great experience for every user. Increased visibility, insight and automation are crucial to identify and remediate issues, reduce risk, plan and execute new initiatives effectively. Desktop virtualization empowers IT to manage and deliver the entire desktop environment with a user experience that is often much better than a local desktop.

Desktop virtualization allows for the delivery of desktops and apps as on-demand service in real time without the hours of labor required to prepare traditional hardware. Money saved! By delivering apps and desktops from a central location, we can simplify management and enhance security while providing employees access to their apps from any device they choose. That’s freedom and productivity.

The world is your office. Don’t replace those old desktops and laptops! Let’s virtualize them and make your dollars go further.  Employees will be more productive working anywhere, anytime.  Contact us to get started.

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